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december 3-4, 2010 - birthday at the beach

Kennedy turned one on December 2, 2010. Though it may not sound like a huge achievement, it is. Eighty percent of SMA, Type 1 kids don't reach their first birthday. To celebrate the milestone, Ami (Auntie Mel) wrote a letter to the Pacific Edge Hotel in Laguna Beach explaining the situation and asking for a complimentary room for the girls. Mel and Jen's birthday is December 3.

The hotel graciously gave the three of us a beach front room, so that Kennedy could see and hear the beach for her birthday and Jen and Mel could have a small break from the day-to-day monotony. Not only did the hotel provide us with a beautiful room, the staff also bought Kennedy some great gifts to enjoy (a teething ring, a cute outfit with the hotel's brand on it, and a whale pillow). They even bought and named a star after Kennedy! What a treat.

We had dinner at a great Italian restaurant in town and breakfast was delivered by P-Pa (Grandpa Schlotterbeck) from a local restaurant in the morning. It was such a treasured trip!

Thank you Pacific Edge Hotel and staff for making all three of our birthdays a wonderful memory!



Jennifer and Kennedy

Kennedy enjoying her pillow pet! The view from our room! Mommy and Kennedy cuddle up!

Jennifer and Kennedy


Kennedy and P-Pa

Jennifer and Kennedy enjoy the sunset. Boo! Time for a nebulizer treatment. Kennedy gets tickled by P-Pa. He he!

Jen, Kennedy and Mel

Jen and Kennedy

Pacific Edge Hotel

The Birthday Girls! Kennedy at the beach with Mommy! Thanks Pacific Edge Hotel! We loved our time with you!

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